Alright Dundee!

remote control productions bringing a video
game Strike Force to Scotland in early 2020.

Why Dundee & Scotland ?

remote control productions scotland (RCP scotland) coming to the city of Dundee is no coincidence. Dundee is an authentic scottish gem, a city positioned along the ancient and beautiful river, Tay. Labelled Scotland’s sunniest city, Dundee over the last three decades enjoys a phase of growth in both tourism and tech. Video games play a huge part in that recent history, something that many local students and veterans of the games industry are proud of. A place where Grand Theft Auto originated and the world-renowned Abertay University’s academic programs in gaming have for the last 20 years and to this day, delivered the highest quality graduates. 

Today, notable and indie game studios have cemented gaming into the Dundonian map, with its origins in studios like DMA Design (Rockstar North) and Realtime Worlds. Every year, graduates from Abertay University begin employment in games companies around the UK or start their own studios and take part in competitions like Dare Academy, thus driving a vibrant indie community.

But here’s the kicker… Many of those startup indie studios don’t make it past their first year. This needs to change and this is RCP scotland’s mission.

Why remote control productions?

If history has taught us anything, setting up a successful games studio isn’t easy. Every year hundreds of studios around the world fail despite having teams of highly talented professionals with brilliant game concepts. You might agree that this is demotivating for all those gifted developers – Unfortunately, Dundee is no exception and this ‘grinds our gears’. 

We’ve looked through lists of new Indie startup studios that formed in Dundee in recent years, and sadly many are now gone. 

We’re all creatives but in our opinion, running your own game studio requires a business mindset. You and your team are going to feel so much better knowing that you can focus on the game development while an RCP scotland strike force supports you in your ambition to become a successful studio. We will find projects and help you deliver them in the best possible way.

At RCP, we nurture talent by supporting and steering game studios towards self-sufficiency and helping them grow. We believe developers should focus on what they do best – creating great games – but with a foundation built upon best practice paired with commercial knowledge. You will learn to make your studio sustainable and the business of making games both fun and rewarding. Studio and team vision are crucial; the family shares a core set of values that drive everything that happens, people are the most important part, with honesty, commitment to the projects and each other, and collectively winning and growing.

Better yet? Being part of the RCP family of studios, and we are a family, will mean you aren’t alone getting through those first few challenging years.

What Is An RCP Scotland Strike Force?

So, the strike force? We’re a team of video game creatives, spanning production, finance, legal, HR and sales game industry veterans that will help your team identify its strengths and grow them. Where support is needed, we will work with you to fill that capability gap as you build great games. We love games, play games and no, we don’t wear ties!

About RCP

remote control productions was founded in Munich in 2005 and today counts over 12 studios across multiple countries having worked on over 200 titles with a family of over 300 people.


an independent, internationally active production house which focuses on ideation, development and production of entertainment software.


Europe's biggest developer family with extensive experience and a wide network of contacts, providing an important interface between developers, publishers, distributors and investors.


significant systems that are tailored to a studio’s vision and mission. Systems that are simple and powerful for all team members, are vital to the successful development of projects.


in young, talented teams, start-ups and experienced people breaking out into independence. We deliver strategic advice along with operational support to ensure success.


that a strong set of values, embraced by the teams in the RCP family are what makes us successful.


is business development, creative services, research & analytics, production, marketing & PR, sales, etc.

Mark Lloyd

Managing Director

Christian Kleissl

Finance Director

Georg Baier

Business Strategy

Hendrik Lesser

Group CEO

Mehdi Benkirane

Business Development

Samuel Vonäsch


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